Gracen Johnson - Director of Content & Contribution


Toronto, Canada

From the earliest days of the IncDev Alliance, Gracen Johnson has been building up our curriculum, content, and creative assets. As the Director of Content & Contribution, she continues to work behind the scenes in Toronto to develop new learning materials like case studies, PSAs, articles, and presentations. Gracen is a guiding force and producer behind nearly everything we publish at IncDev, working hard to distill our faculty’s wisdom into approachable and actionable material.

Gracen loves this work so much that she has taken responsibility for growing IncDev’s creative capacity. The other half of her role is to attract and secure the revenue to finance IncDev’s content production ambitions so we can refine and package all the ideas we’re dying to share.

Since completing her MPhil in Planning, Growth, and Regeneration at the University of Cambridge in 2013, Gracen has spent years engaging with bottom-up city building herself. She met the IncDev team via her online storytelling as a proactive neighbor in a small city on Canada’s east coast where she worked with clients to cultivate civic-minded resourcefulness. Her writing, speaking, videos, and urban interventions inspire regular citizens to invest in their neighborhoods in the creative and makeshift ways that make a place feel loved and lived in.

Gracen now lives in Toronto with her Walker Hound and a neighborhood full of family and old friends. When not working on IncDev, you can find her hustling to get her dog sardines (Jeannie Beans Lil’ Stinkers) on the shelves of boutique pet stores.