Helping locals strengthen their neighborhoods through small-scale real estate projects.

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We train small-scale developers and coach the cities they love.

We are a not-for-profit Alliance of practitioners who train small developers, helping citizens strengthen their own neighborhoods and helping city champions get the kind of development their community wants.

Strong places are built at the speed of trust from the bottom up, and today's cities need systems to support that incremental development. It's messy, slow, and difficult work but we know this is how great places come to be.

That leaves us with a challenge: to build the capacity for locals to invest in their own neighborhoods, and to help institutions encourage that small scale development. We do both.

We grow the capacity of regular people to develop hard-working, loveable, valuable small buildings in their neighborhoods.

We offer aspiring developers training and mentorship to help them take the first steps toward their small scale real estate development projects.

We coach civic leaders how to cultivate patient, healthy real estate development at scale accessible to locals, starting with supportive regulation.


Because we want to live in cities that bring out the best in people.

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The many hands of our Alliance call different places home, from the Southeast to Mountain West, but we share a deep connection to our cities. And when you love a place, you improve it.

We believe in the power of pulling up our sleeves, working with our neighbors, and trying to build a place so worthy of admiration you could write a song about it. We also believe in the power of small. We have seen that a few people who care can spark a lot more TLC.

A single storefront can transform a street. A loveable building can lift a whole neighborhood. We have seen this and know that no one is coming to do it for us. If we want to live in places that our kids love coming home to, we’ve got work to do.

We’re going to talk about how to do this incrementally. If you had nothing today, what could you do in your neighborhood?
— Monte Anderson, Senior Faculty

Through many disciplines, our Alliance outfits neighborhoods across this continent with buildings that work. Our benchmark for a working building is one flexible, loveable, and financially sound enough to give back for generations. A working building benefits the owners, tenants, and the neighborhood by providing a financial return, quality space, and a charming presence. Small developers are perfectly positioned to deliver quality, working buildings at a neighborhood scale and our Alliance exists to help in that process. This all comes together in our work on the ground.

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