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Savannah Small Real Estate Development Workshop

This 1 day workshop serving Savannah, eastern South Carolina and eastern Georgia is an overview to the basics of small scale real estate development. The workshop is sponsored with support from Savannah Development and Renewal Authority, Georgia Conservancy, and Historic Savannah Foundation. Faculty members include Monte Anderson and Eric Kronberg. Register Now

Schedule Overview

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

5:00 pm - 7:30 pm: Opening Lecture and Networking Reception

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

9:00 am - 5:30 pm: Small Development Training

Course Highlights

The Small Scale Real Estate Development Workshop is a day-long session designed to introduce the principles and implementation mechanisms behind neighborhood based development projects. The workshop offers specialized training about how to create small projects, like 1-3 story buildings with less than 20 units, which are residential, commercial or mixed in use. The course assumes you know a lot about where you live, but not necessarily much about the real estate process or building development.

Through presentations on finance, design and site selection, a hands-on practice exercise, and networking with local like-minded people, this workshop is the first step to becoming a small developer yourself or creating a supportive ecosystem for small development in your city. 

The workshop will be all day Wednesday and include a evening lecture and reception Tuesday before the event. Full schedule details will be emailed to paid attendees. Scholarships are available, please contact Kevin Klinkenberg at to apply.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals in construction, design, planning or real estate looking to either enhance their current practice or make career transition
  • Volunteers or professionals in business associations, main streets associations, historic preservation groups and neighborhood improvement groups looking to champion incremental development in their communities
  • Public sector professionals in city management, economic development, planning, and related agencies who are looking to make it easier for small development projects to occur in their town
  • Professionals in non-profit development organizations, churches, and community development or housing development organizations who need new strategies for small lot development
  • Private banking professionals specializing in mortgages, commercial real estate loans or SBA loans and professionals as at Community Development Financial Institutions and Community Foundations who want to become more effective investors

Course Highlights


5:00 PM - Registration and Networking Opens

5:30 PM - Opening Lecture - Introduction to the Small Development Movement

6:00 PM - Activity - Small Development Business Models and Skill Sets

6:45 PM - Lecture - How to Cultivate Neighborhoods through Real Estate



9:00 AM - Small Developer Workshop Registration Opens

The Financing Stair Steps

At the scale of 1-3 story buildings that are residential, commercial or mixed in use, there are several clear cut tiers of conventional financing tools that when creatively used can formulate a deal attractive to investment.

Building Types and Straightforward Design

This session will demonstrate the value of using stable building types that are below the threshold that require costly structured parking or elevators and incorporate everyday building materials and practices.

Comparables Analysis and Site Selection

Finding the right site and not paying too much for it is the critical first step to any development project. This session will walk through a tool to organize information from comparable properties in your neighborhood. 

Introduction to the Project Pro forma

Many early pro forma assumptions are based on how much rent the owner can charge. Memorize and repeat: If you can't get the rent, you don't get the building.

12:30 PM - Lunch at the Venue (Provided with Registration)

Parallel Pro forma

This session will introduce an evaluation tool called the parallel pro forma, which creates an at a glance dashboard of critical metrics to measure potential projects head to head for a go/no-go decision. 

Pro forma in Practice Exercise and Debriefing

Participants will work on a building specific pro forma document with assistance from faculty, working  through how the pro forma evolves through the arc of the project and assembling credible cost estimates.  At the end, small groups report out to each other regarding the findings of their projects to share lessons learned.  

Asking for Money

Banks and equity investors have very different goals and perspectives when it comes to considering the small developer's projects.  This session will walk you through how lenders and investors look at a deal and how to prepare your pitch and the supporting materials.

Due Diligence and Real Estate Acquisition

The deal is almost done. But there is a pile of paperwork to assemble in order to get all your partners, funding sources and real estate transaction information together to close on your deal.

Final Q&A and Wrap-up

5:30 PM - Conclusion

Full schedule details will be emailed to paid attendees. 

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